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The Story Of
by Mohammed Ishaq Managing Director
A Bit On History.

Kefalonia Established in 1980 was Found By Mr. Abdul Kadher Kefalonia. In the earlier times, the main modules of the company were Real Estate and Building Contracting. The company was getting a good level of appreciations and so the companies development was also far better. The Company started growing up and started exploring the business by expanding them to different other streams too.

The Way Back Home (India).

Kefalonia came into the picture in Indian Market or the company was registered to India On 7th August 2018. Here in India, the company started carrying out the business of different new aspects which brought a vast level of business growth and so on.

Objectives, Projects and Products.

The Company is currently carrying on the business of the manufacturer, dealers, suppliers, imports and or exporters of all kinds of furniture, plywood, and spices. And also the business of developers and/or dealers in real estate, builders, contractors of residential and commercial buildings and complexes. The company imports, exports, trade or otherwise deal in all types of ladies and kids items. And do carry the business of freight forwarders, clearing and forwarding agents, logistic operators, and transport.